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How to better manage work from home with kids?

Working from home with kids during COVID times

With the COVID outbreak, working from home has become a new normal for many of us.

But the question is: would work from home ever feel normal for parents with little kids jumping around?

Honestly, I was at the other extreme end of the spectrum! I never before worked from home with my little one, until COVID happened! I either went to work or took the day off. Somehow, I dogged the mess every time! 😜

In my opinion, it was just impossible to work with constant interruptions!

But at last, it struck! I couldn't dodge the muddy ball anymore! 😅

I finally found myself in important presentations with AAAhhhhhhrg

  • “Mamma I am bored! What should I do next?”

  • “Mamma I am starving!”

  • “Mamma can you wipe my poos!”

Alright, I admit! COVID has surely made a lot of impossible things possible! In fact, it has taken things a step further!

I not only started keeping my 5-year-old occupied but also ensured that she was developing her skills like she would if she was at kinder! After all, she is a future global citizen and deserves to learn and grow whether or not she is at school! Isn’t it! 😉

Here’s how I did it!

Kids schedule integrated with Work-from-home schedule

A schedule reminds you of what exactly to do next - thus relieving you from the stress of thinking about it all the time!

Also, kids love routine and structure when they get used to it!

Here is my schedule that integrates work time with kid’s play and learning time. Feel free to download, print, and tweak this to meet your needs. Put it up on the wall! And enjoy!

Kid's schedule for parents who work from home

This schedule overlaps office breaks with kid’s breaks. And engages kids with independent activities during work time.

Now that we have a schedule, let us explore the 4 independent activities that combine play and learning.

Time slot #1: Creative play/challenges

All kids love being creative given a chance!

Kids get so deeply involved in creating something new that time just flies!

What more? Creative challenges exercise children's problem-solving skills... Builds their self-esteem... Encourages a can-do attitude... Helps them grow intellectually and emotionally!

Basically, this is an awesome time for them!

Here are some creative play challenges to keep your kids engaged:

  1. Lego Challenge: Build a new thing every day for the next 30-days

  2. Plenty of creative magic with paper

  3. Drawing challenges

  4. Make your own puzzle

  5. Build a tower of cards: Exercise patience and perseverance by building a tower of cards! Can you get more creative and build a house with cards?

Time slot #2: Learning Video/Radio

There are some awesome resources for kids to keep learning while you are busy working!

Yes, this is screentime! But it is productive screentime you see! Let the kids use it wisely! Choose a couple of them for the day, and repeat when required!

Learning radio:

Science videos:

Time slot #3: Learning activities

This is the time for kids to practice and get better at their skills.

Literacy and numeracy

Wiggle Waggle - video activities

Time slot #4: Phone a friend

This is the time for building relationships by having 1:1 or group time with family/friends.

Set up a call with grandparents or other family members or friends, and let the kids have some fun!

Yup, you are right. Kids can easily get bored after a few calls. That's why having a list of activities that they can do while on the call can help.

Here are some activities for kids on a call:

  • Storytime

  • Art - Drawing/Painting/Craft

  • Dance

  • Gymnastics - Summersaults/Cartwheels

  • Or any challenges that they tried in their creative playtime

Tip: Keep the iPad or any device in a corner of the room so that kids can run around and play hands-free on the call!

More to come!

We are all in this together with a noble cause to develop our kids while they stay home with us! By giving our time a structure, we can make it super entertaining and valuable to our kids while reducing our own stress levels!

Yes, I know that keeping kids learning is a marathon and not a sprint! We do need a continuous supply of materials to keep it going.

I plan to take a deep dive to find more treasure down there! I will be sharing them with you as I discover them! Drop your email address in the subscription box below to receive these resources straight to your inbox!

Let me know your thoughts and ideas in the comments below or on my FB page / IG profile.



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