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Chloe Cloud, Bring me some Rain!

Updated: Oct 9, 2020


Sprinkled with Rain

Painted by Rainbows and Twilight colors

Splashed by Fishes, Ducks, Turtles, Frogs, and Hippos

Bundled together in 1 story

Chloe Cloud, Bring me some Rain!

A Picture Story Book...

For kids who

Love animals!

Love science!

Love nature!

Love playing in water or rain!

Are very very curious!

Chloe Cloud, Sunny Sun, Winnie Wind, and Sally Sea

are here to show you

A water cycle!

Animals in the riverside!

A drought!

A happy ending!

Author's Note

Well, I combined nature science and storytelling for kids to create a love for learning, because I wanted to help thousands of children around the world

  • Figure out how this world works

  • Connect with nature &

  • Be curious


Chloe Cloud

She might remind you of cotton candy

up in the great blue sky!

But, she can take on any shape

A unicorn, a dinosaur, or a dragonfly!

Sunny Sun

Sunny paints the clouds pink and purple, making the whole world look beautiful and arty!

Winnie Wind

Winnie Wind is Chloe's best friend -

they love to chase across the sky.

Winnie helps Chloe to drift

Her blowing causes clouds to fly!

Sally Sea

“Richie River always gifts me lots of fresh-water," Sally said.

"Maybe it’s time for us to fill her riverbed.”

The science in the book

Learn all about

  • Riverside habitat

  • Drought

  • Water cycle

Values embedded

  • Each of us is special in our own way

  • Together we are strong enough to overcome any challenges

  • Helping those in need makes us happy

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If you love the concept of learning Science through Storytelling, grab a copy of “Chloe Cloud, Bring me some Rain!” here.

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