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4 Fascinating Fun Facts for Kids: Water Supports Life!

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Understanding how this world works is fascinating!

Where you a nature science kid when you were little? And, do you secretly wish that your little one falls in love with nature and science too?

Well, it is never too early to get kids to enjoy the wonders of this world and the universe!

Children absorb everything that you tell them! Go ahead and introduce those fun facts to see them fall in love with science!

“Did you know!” series is one of our family activities that we play to kindle our curiosity, learn together and bond as a family. We share pictures and videos to discuss fun facts about the world around us!

It is easy and fun once you have all the information that you want to share!

Here are 4 fascinating facts for kids about water that supports life on earth! Use them to challenge your kid to know more on a “Did you know!” session or just to pass time while on a long drive!

Enjoy reading!

Fact #1: Water makes life possible on Earth!

Earth is 4.5 billion years old!

Oceans were formed on earth, 4.4 billion years ago!

Do you know what was the first living thing on earth? It was a microorganism (like bacteria). It was born 4.28 billion years ago in a deep sea just a little after oceans were formed.

Thereafter, several plants and animals came into being! And, all these plants and animals ever born on earth was made of water!

Be it in the deepest sea or the driest dessert, be it a tiny bacteria or a giant whale, every living being on earth is made of water! And needs water to live!

Did you know that more than half of your body and mine are made of water! (55 to 80% to be precise).

Nobody knows how earth got water in the first place! But it is said that comets, which are huge frozen snowballs made of water ice, struck earth delivering water to it. It would have taken several comets to fill our oceans.

Is it magic? ❄☃️

Fact #2: Life outside earth?

Is there life outside earth?

Astrobiologists are scientists who look for life on other planets (They love aliens! ❤👽👀).

But you know, there can be no life without water! Which means, no aliens without water! So water outside of earth is of great interest to these scientists.

So far, Earth is the only known planet with liquid water on its surface.

Jupiter has 79 known moons of which 1 moon, by name Europa, has a water-ice surface! Probably you can go ice skating on it! Watch out! There may very well be oceans beneath its surface with extraterrestrial creatures on it 😬.

Through the studies that scientists do, they speculate that planets with oceans may be common in milky-way! Expect to meet many aliens in the future 😅.

Fact #3: We are all connected!

Probably the water that a Dinosaur drank millions of years ago was part of the water that you drank yesterday! (Oops!)

A glass of water that you pour on the ground

  • seeps into the ground,

  • is absorbed by plants,

  • flows into the rivers,

  • drunk by animals and birds,

  • flows into the oceans,

  • gets through fishes and sea animals,

  • escapes to air as water vapour,

  • drifts through the sky as clouds,

  • falls down as snow or rain to the ground,

  • freezes into ice on mountains and glaciers

  • melts into rivers,

  • gets into tap and back to your glass to drink!

Everything on earth is deeply interconnected through water!

This is possible because water can exist in all 3 states: solid, liquid and gas! In fact, no other thing on earth can be seen in all 3 states naturally.

Here is a Magic that you can do at home: Put water in the freezer to see it turn into solid ice! Heat water on the stove to see it turn into gas!

Fact #4: Water, water everywhere, but not a percent to drink!

Most of the water on earth (96.5%) is in the oceans.

Oceans are huge! A drop of water in the ocean can have millions of living things: Bacteria, viruses, fish eggs, baby crabs, plankton and small worms!

But we humans, cannot drink water from oceans as it is too salty! It’s like adding 2 teaspoons of salt in a cup of water! Yuck! You can never drink it!

If most of the water is trapped in the oceans, where else can we find water for us to drink?

A little bit of water on earth (2.4%) is frozen in ice, snow and glaciers! A little bit of water (1%) has seeped under the ground. A very tiny bit of water (0.1%) is in rivers, streams and lakes. This is what goes in our tap for us to drink!

By the way, an extremely tiny bit (0.001%) of water is in the clouds!

That was a lot of science and facts!

Isn't it?

There is more to learn...

And in a format that little ones LOVE!!

A PICTURE STORYBOOK, "Chloe Cloud, bring me some rain!"

Chloe Cloud and her friends Sunny Sun, Winnie Wind and Sally Sea want to help a drying river. And their story explains water cycle to curious little kids.

You can grab the book here.

Have a Happy day!




Information source: National Geographic, Wikipedia

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