Mili wanted to squish the little trapped dragonfly! But, she gave a thought to what the dragonfly might be feeling. What happens next? Read on!

This storybook helps a child understand:

  • What is Empathy?

  • How do others feel?

  • The delight of helping others


Get your copy today to gift a VALUE to a child.​

Mili's beautiful summer morning was interrupted by a scary-looking Dragonfly! 


Mili is in fact a brave little girl. But, she was totally frustrated!


What can she do?

If it's a book about empathy, I'm in! Add a great story and great illustrations... and I'm ALL in!!

What a fabulous book! I absolutely love how this book addressed the concept of empathy. It was so subtle yet impactful. I will be reading this book to my children over and over again! (They absolutely adored it as well!)

Lovely illustrations and a nice story, rich vocabulary, good for a wide age range. Short enough to read with a toddler and a great way to open a discussion about empathy and feelings with a preschooler or an older child. I will be checking the website and the series.


This book is targeted at young readers. I like that it is not too long for their short attention spans. The book is illustrated with bright colors. The message is good. Be kind. Even to a little bug that really can’t be kind back. I also liked how the book teaches to look at the situation from the other party’s perspective. Good conversation starter.



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