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Full of ideas to manage anger, packed in a hilarious tale

Angry Alligator and his Cool Cucumber



A Picture Story Book...

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Alligator A was kind at heart.

Yet, he had a big problem.

He was awfully easy to anger. 

A lot of stuff angered him, like


    the feeling of an army of ants 

           marching along his snout;

    the high summer sun 

           slanting into his eyes;

    and the sound of an elephant fart 

  (especially the sound of an elephant fart!) —


And when Alligator A got angry,

he growled and snapped and snarled 

and snorted and chomped and stomped 

in rage!

Lovely story for emotional growth 

Such a fun and happy story for children to learn how to manage their big feelings. I really enjoyed the story that made my kiddos smile too. My daughter would talk about how it resembles her brother when he is in a bad mood. Then we talked about how to manage anger. A great resource.

- Singh reviews

Free Activities

Click the below activity sheets to download and print

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Angry Alligator - Coloring sheet.jpg
Angry Alligator - Maze.jpg
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