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What does that even mean? 


First of all, I am a mom of a lovely little princess-ter (to imagine a princess-ter, just put together a little princess and a little monster!). She is my 

  • Little miss hugs!

  • Little miss summersault!

  • Little miss jumping-jacks!

  • Little miss mamma-look-what-i-have-done!

  • Little miss i-wear-only-dresses!

  • Little miss i-love-peppa-pig

Yes, you rightly guessed that my little princess-ter inspired me to write Children’s Books. Right from my school days, I converted boring topics into interesting stories to help my friends learn. With my little one around, I applied that talent to help LITTLE EXPLORERS explore the BIG WORLD around them.


I am also a working-mom-in-IT! I am one of those people who wake up, rush to get the little one ready to school, then rush to catch a train, then run to work, then attend a lot of meetings, then get bossed over, then rush back to the train, then rush to pick up the little one, then rush to get all chores done, then calm down to read a book to put my daughter to sleep! Then take a deep breath, sigh a relief, and then rush to work on personal projects (Write books!)


You can see why I love to talk about work-life-balance! ;)


As I write this, I am sitting next to the backyard door starring at the yellow leaves that are falling off the branches and gently drifting down to the leaf bed, reminding me that change is the only constant. Everybody’s life has ups and downs. 


I look forward to using the power of storytelling to empower little children to learn enough to embrace and navigate the changes in their life!

Divya Mohan

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