Welcome to Value Buds. Thanks for stopping by to have a look. If you believe that the best gift one could give a child is a set of VALUES that can inspire the child to dream big and craft a beautiful life, then you are in the right place.


I am working on a book series, 'Gift a Value', to make learning Moral Values fun and simple for little kids. I hope that all the children around you benefit from this work by learning, growing and crafting beautiful lives and societies.

Divya Mohan


I am an author, a self-publisher, a business analyst, a software engineer and a working mom, living in Melbourne, Australia.

My dream is to see children grow up FEELING INSPIRED to dream big and achieve their dreams without being affected by any ill feelings. My purpose is to add a little value to someone's life every single day.

Other than work and writing books, I love to spend my time with my little daughter, talking, laughing, reading, playing, dancing and exploring the world around.

Divya Mohan, Melbourne


I am a children’s book illustrator who has been working with many reputable authors from all around the world. I found my passion for drawing since I could hold a pen.

Besides illustrating children’s books, I love spending time on the beach getting inspired by the sea and exploring the underwater world.

It means a lot to me to see a children’s book come to life through colorful illustrations, inspiring children to love everything around them. I’m blessed to have a wonderful family. They value and support my work.

Hend Moharram, Egypt

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